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Provincial Governor Investment Group held the launching ceremony and mobilization meeting of "Safety Production Month" in 2019 in Huisheng Pharmaceutical Industry

2019-08-31 17:38
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This newspaper news (correspondent Rao Cailu) May 30, the provincial governor investment group safety production site work meeting and the 2019 "safe production month" launch ceremony mobilization meeting was held in Xianning Guangji Pharmaceutical Huisheng Company. Chen Lixin, deputy general manager of provincial governor investment group, manager of Engineering Department of group and head of safety of each investment company attended today's activity.
At the meeting, participants learned about Huisheng's basic situation and safety management experience before the factory area, and visited some production workshops of Huisheng. Guangji Pharmaceutical Company and Hubei Grain and Oil Company made typical exchange speeches at the meeting. The head of Engineering Department of the Group conveyed the "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production Chutianxing" activity plan of the Group in 2019, notified the "Safety Production Month" activity leading group, clarified the guiding ideology and theme of the activity, and made arrangements for the activity content and specific work. Focusing on the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and curbing accidents", he demanded: first, to raise awareness and strengthen organizational leadership; second, to focus on the theme and strive for practical results; third, to strengthen publicity and create a strong atmosphere; fourth, to seriously summarize and report information in time. The ceremony was presided over by the head of the Engineering Department of the Group.
At the meeting, Chen Lixin deployed the "Safety Production Month" in 2019. Then he made an important speech entitled "Grasping Party Building, Explaining Responsibility, Strengthening Measures, Leading Safety Development". In his speech, he said that today, in Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry Huisheng Company, a group company's on-site work meeting on safety production and the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" in 2019 were held, mainly to carry out in depth the Party with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. The central government has put forward the idea of "setting up the concept of safety development, promoting life first and safety first", implementing the decision-making and deployment of provincial Party committees and provincial governments on strengthening safety work, and combining with the actual production safety work of group companies, giving full play to the leadership and exemplary role of Party organizations at all levels and leading cadres of Party members in the management of safe production. 。 Today, Huisheng launched the "Safety Production Month" of the Governor Investment Group, which is also in line with the theme of this year's National Safety Production Month. At present and in the second half of this year, we should do a good job in the work of safety in production. First, we should recognize the situation and strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility in the work of safety in production. Secondly, we should highlight the key points and firmly implement the measures to ensure safety in production. We should investigate hidden dangers carefully, train and educate truthfully, publicize vigorously, conduct emergency drills diligently, assess performance strictly, and act quickly to prevent floods. Thirdly, we should strengthen our functions and give full play to the leading role of Party building in safety production. We should pay attention to cooperation, effectiveness and humanism. Fourth, we should carefully organize, carefully deploy and thoroughly promote the activities of "Safety Production Month" and "Ankang Cup" in an orderly manner. We should pay attention to propaganda and guidance. To create an atmosphere of public opinion, we need to innovate our working ideas and create highlights of activities. Communication and cooperation should be strengthened to enhance the effectiveness of activities. Competition activities should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of "Ankang Cup". In accordance with the new forms and conditions of the development and changes of enterprises'production and operation, we should constantly explore new ways and Countermeasures for the management of production safety, focus on implementation, consolidation, deepening and improvement, constantly summarize the management of production safety, firmly grasp the initiative of work, and strive to create party building and safety students in enterprises. The new situation of industry, finance, development and joint promotion.
Around 11 noon, Chen Lixin and the principals of the investment enterprises who attended the meeting jointly lit the safety production month starter. Finally, Chen Lixin announced that the group company's "Safety Production Month" in 2019 was officially launched.