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Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry's First "Ankang Cup" Safety Knowledge Competition Closed Successfully

2019-08-31 17:38
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The first "Ankang Cup" safety knowledge competition of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry, sponsored by Guangji Pharmaceutical Safety Committee and the company trade union, was held on June 28 in the conference room on the fourth floor of the company. Chairman Anjing, Secretary of Discipline Commission Wang Xukun, Vice General Manager Ruan Zhongyi, Guo Shaozhi, Wang Xin, Financial Director Hu Mingfeng, the company's functional department heads, representatives of participating companies and employees of more than 200 people participated in today's competition. A total of nine teams from various companies participated in the competition. After intense competition, Wuxue Branch's representative team, Jikang Company's representative team and Mengzhou Company's representative team won one, two and three places.
In his speech, Anjing, director of the company's security committee, and Ruan Zhongyi, chairman of the trade union, said that June this year was the 18th safe production month in the whole country, and mobilized the spirit of the conference for the implementation of the work on the spot held by the Governor's Investment Group on May 30 and the "safe production month" in 2019. Through today's competition activities, the first is to highlight the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and curbing accidents", promote the construction of the two systems of team safety standardization, actively carry out safety production month activities, and firmly establish the concept of safety development. Secondly, we should aim at preventing and resolving major risks, eliminating potential safety hazards in time and effectively curbing production safety accidents, enhance the awareness of safety in production, implement the responsibility for safety in production, promote the level of safety in production and improve the situation of safety in production steadily and steadily, and constantly enhance the sense of acquisition, happiness and safety of workers, so as to serve the public. The company's production and operation create a good environment for safe production. Thirdly, through this contest, we should achieve the goal of "mastering the knowledge of safety in production and striving to be the staff who abide by the rules and regulations", so that all employees can understand and master the knowledge of safety in production, avoid and prevent the occurrence of accidents of safety in production in general and above, so that the staff can feel a vivid education of safety in production and improve the staff. Safety production consciousness of workers.