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Sanli Company of Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a special meeting on "Never Forget the Initial Heart and Keep the Mission in mind". The meeting was organized by Sanli Company of Guangji Pharmaceutical Co.

2019-08-31 17:37
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On August 21, the Party Branch Committee of Guangji Pharmaceutical Sanli Company held a special life meeting on "Never Forget the First Heart, Keep the Mission in mind" in 2019. The Party Branch Committee and members of the team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Guowang, Secretary of the Party branch and general manager.
There were three items on the agenda of the meeting: first, Guo Peiyong and Wang Xiaobin shared their experience of participating in the advanced training of management skills of middle and senior managers in Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry; second, Yang Guowang made a comparative inspection on behalf of the branch committee and management team of Guangji Pharmaceutical Company, and put forward rectification guidance; third, members of the Party Branch Committee and management team checked and checked the problems by comparison. Carry out criticism and self-criticism.
Yang Guowang pointed out that we should organize a special life meeting as a political physical examination for Party members and cadres to "keep the initiative, shoulder the mission, find the gap and implement it", as an important content to test the effectiveness of thematic education. Around the goal of "harvest in theoretical study, baptism in Ideological and political education, entrepreneurship, service for the people, honesty and integrity as an example", the whole staff should inspect, profoundly analyze, consolidate and rectify the problems and take stock of the harvest in accordance with the requirements of General Secretary Xi's "four comparisons" and "four searches". Party members and cadres should focus on the overall situation of the company's development, further strengthen their style of work, dare to play a leading role, enhance the cohesion of enterprises, ensure the smooth achievement of annual goals, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.
At the meeting, the members of the team conducted in-depth self-analysis of the control issues, achieved the real point problem and the real point problem, and achieved the effect of "red face sweating, detoxification and treatment".
This meeting is the most successful organizational life meeting since the founding of the Party Branch Committee of Sanli Company. It is well prepared, deeply analyzed and effective in rectification measures. It does not evade problems and contradictions in carrying out criticism and self-criticism, so as to make the team more united.