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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry, Puxin Company was established in 2012. Its predecessor is the R&D platform of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry in Wuda Science Park. Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry has integrated its R&D resources to establish Puxin Company in Guanggu Biomedical Park, Wuhan. Its purpose is to further strengthen the R&D of microbial technology and pharmaceutical technology, to further promote technological innovation, and to focus on the development of new products in the company's biomedical field. To provide strong technical support for the multifaceted development of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry.
● The company has a perfect R&D platform structure.
Puxin Company has established six technical platforms: microbial strain breeding technology platform, fermentation engineering technology platform, separation engineering technology platform, analysis and detection technology platform, drug synthesis technology platform, drug dosage form research technology platform. From upstream fermentation to downstream extraction, from strains to detection and analysis, from microbial fermentation to chemical synthesis and combined biocatalysis, we have a complete research and development system. The goal is to develop 5-10 into a first-class research and development center of microbial technology and pharmaceuticals in China.
● Have a large number of sophisticated equipment.
The platform has high standard aseptic operation room, germ preservation room and high pressure steam sterilization equipment, which can realize a series of germ breeding and preservation work. Fermentation platform has three imported fermentation tanks from Netherlands, constant temperature incubator and shaker. It can realize the technical research of microbial fermentation small-scale experiment. The detection platform has many kinds of detection equipment, such as spectrophotometer, SBA sugar detector, Agilent High Performance Liquid Chromatography and so on. All kinds of indicators and products can be inspected and tested. The company also has chemical synthesis equipment and biological reaction equipment on the counter, which can meet the needs of various pharmaceutical research and development.
● Strong scientific research force
The company's R&D team is young, creative and energetic, with good staff quality. At present, the company has 28 people, including a group of graduate and undergraduate talents from Wuda, Huake, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Huanong and other top universities in China, as well as many experienced and skilled talents from the same industry, forming the existing R&D team.
● The company has a clear development direction and clear positioning.
The company's business areas include the technical development of products with good market demand and potential profit at the present stage, the technical research work of forward-looking products, and the technical reserve work of guiding the industry's innovative products in the future. Relying on parent company to carry out work around three major types of R&D projects: major projects, key projects and reserve projects
● Technical Reserve of the Company at the Present Stage
1. Production Technology of Guanosine by Fermentation
2. Production technology of inosine by fermentation
3. Technology of Lycopene Production by Fermentation
4. Production Technology of Beta-Carotene by Fermentation
5. Production Technology of Vitamin B12 by Fermentation
6. Technology of Glucosamine Production by Fermentation
7. Technology of Riboflavin Production by Fermentation
9. Technology of Vitamin B6 Production by Synthetic Method
10. Synthesis of Pyridoxal Phosphate
● Prospective Technology Direction of the Company
1. Animal nutrition: B vitamins as feed additives; such as vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, and other vitamin products including vitamin A, D2, E, K3.
2. New enzymes: pharmaceutical industry enzymes, food processing enzymes, feed processing enzymes; such as nuclease, dehalogenase, amylase, protease, hydrolase, TG enzymes, etc.
3. Pharmaceutical raw materials: pharmaceutical intermediates in vitamin industry, raw materials, such as L-alanine; such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-AIDS, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial raw materials. Raoxycephalosporin, fluorocephalosporin, moxifloxacin hydrochloride, artemisinin, calcium ketonate, vitamin A/E/D3, coenzyme Q10 and other APIs and intermediates.
4. Nutritional health products: vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 functional health products, medicinal fungal health products, such as nattokinase, fungal polysaccharides, etc. Antioxidant products such as isovitamin C sodium.
● Potential profitability in the future:
1. Develop projects independently and resell technology.
2. Provide technical services and guidance to other companies.
3. Provide scientific research sites and R&D platforms for other companies.
4. Help other enterprises to upgrade and improve their technology.
5. Independent projects are manufactured in the form of OEM and sold by head office or other sales platforms.