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Investors should be cautious about "stock bar" rumors

2019-07-24 17:13
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Investors should be cautious about "stock bar" rumors
----- From the website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
"Share bar" is a common way of network communication for investors, especially for small and medium-sized shareholders. "Share Bar" is essentially a special stock forum, which is divided into sub-forums according to the name of the stock, so as to facilitate investors to interact on stocks of common concern. The information in "Share Bar" is not only reproduced from the regular media reports, research reports of investment institutions, but also the analysis opinions and hearsay rumors written by shareholders themselves. Although there are some positive factors in the information of "stock bar", the negative effect is also obvious.
1. There is a lot of worthless information in the "stock bar"
First, many of the information in the "stock bar" is compiled by the sender using a number of information fragments, which inevitably permeates the sender's subjective views. There are also many hearsay, exaggeration and fiction elements in the content.
Secondly, there are many subjective conjectures in the "stock bar", and a lot of information is based on conjecture. Posters'irrational emotions are mainly reflected in their extreme self-confidence in their ability. When the stock price rises, they generally look forward to the future of their stocks and ignore the risk.
Thirdly, there are a lot of advertisement posts that have nothing to do with the topic in the "stock bar" at the same time. Most of them are "a few black horse stocks that will rise, don't miss it!" "The latest surprising insider good news in the morning market!" "Quick, last chance, don't miss it!" Such eye-catching titles cheat clicks, but the actual purpose is to recommend stocks for fees.
Fourth, in addition, there are various personal attack posts and emotional vent posts. According to the professional who is engaged in network public opinion analysis, it is estimated that no more than 10% of the real useful information in "stock bars".
It can be seen that the "stock bar" has the characteristics of more false information, more irrational emotions and more irrelevant information. Investors should be careful about the information in the "stock bar".
2. Stock bars are often one of the places where information is manipulated.
Stock bars provide convenience for information manipulation in securities market. In order to lift, suppress or stabilize stock prices, some market participants will issue various false and true news, most of which are false news, creating opportunities for "fishing in troubled waters" to achieve the purpose of manipulating stock prices. For example, if an investor trusts the information of "stock bar" and then buys the stock, this helps the manipulator achieve the goal of raising the stock price. After the stock price slowly rises, these manipulators will sell the stock price to the person who trusts the information of "stock bar". In addition, when the manipulator wants to buy the stock, he will "stock bar". Publish all kinds of "bad" news, induce investors to sell stocks, make stock prices fall, and reduce the cost of shareholding by manipulators.
The reasons why "stock bar" is easy to become a place for information manipulation are: (1) without verifying the identity of the sender, anyone can post anonymously or as an easily misleading investor (such as "XX Company Securities Affairs Representative"); and (2) there is no content verification mechanism in "stock bar", and any false one. Information can be released unimpeded; (3) The information of "stock bar" has the characteristics of low cost, fast dissemination and great influence; (4) Lack of effective legal supervision means, it is difficult to track down the publisher of false information, and to identify the illegal acts of suspects. Therefore, investors should not be exploited by people with market manipulation purposes.
3. Stock bars may prompt investors to trade frequently
When the market is abnormal, it is often accompanied by large-scale spread of corporate rumors in "stock bars", group optimism of investors, early disclosure of suspected important information and so on. Foreign researchers have analyzed the relationship between "stock bar" posts and the trading situation of secondary market. The more "stock bar" posts, the more intense the discussion, and then the heat of stock trading in secondary market will rise. The heat of "stock bar" helps to predict the activity of stock trading. Overall, the daily number of visitors to "stock bar" is obviously affected by the market, and when the market is in a downturn, the corresponding number of visitors will also decrease.
In a word, there are a lot of false, irrational and useless information in the "stock bar". If investors trust the various information in the "stock bar", they will probably bring losses. Therefore, investors should not believe all kinds of rumors in the "stock bar".
Investors who want to know more about listed companies can visit designated information disclosure websites, official websites of listed companies, interactive and easy platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (, etc. Investors can also communicate directly with listed companies by telephone. (Series 8)
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